+ How to get a cash refund on your luxury purchases
Step 1
After making your purchases ask the shop assitant for a tax free form Complete the form there and then and ensure the details are correct.

Remember: Incomplete Tax Free Form = No refund
Step 2
You must go to the customs office at the airport BEFORE YOU CHECK IN to get your form stamped. You should have your passport, purchase receipts the goods and your completed tax free form. The officer will stamp your form once your purchases have been verified.

No stamped tax free form = no refund
Step 3 : You will have two options
Collect cash at the airport

Once your tax free form has been stamped by customs you will have the option of collecting a cash refund at the airport.

No stamped tax free form = no refund
Post your completed form

You must go to the customs office BEFORE YOU CHECK IN to show them your purchases and get your form stamped. If you are unable to get an cash refund at the airport you can mail the form instead and will receive your refund in 4-6 weeks

No stamped tax free form = no refund

Click here for frequently asked questions relating to obtaining a tax refund.

Q: What goods are eligible for the Tax Refund Scheme?
A: The scheme may be used for any taxable goods that are exported for personal use in toy personal baggage. Good that are generally exempt are as follows:

Q: Do I need a customs stamp?
A: Yes, as without a customs stamp it is not possible to process a tax refund. Forms must be stamped by a Customs Officer upon departure from country of purchase or last point of departure from the EU. Remember you are obliged to have the goods available for inspection by the Customs Officer.

No Customs Stamp = No Refund

Q: Where do I obtain a customs stamp?
A: To obtain your customs stamp you must present the goods purchased for inspection at the official customs office at your last point of departure. Please be aware that without the customs stamp your VAT refund cannot be processed

No Customs Stamp = No Refund

Q: Where do I mail my tax free form?
A: When you complete your purchases in store, the sales assistant will provide you with the necessary information. You should only send your fully completed form .

Remember: Incomplete Tax Free Form = No refund

Q: How long will it take for my Tax Refund to come through?
A: Tax refunds normally take 4 - 6 weeks of receiving your original tax refund form stamped by the appropriate customs office. Due to credit card procedures, put in place by credit card companies, refunds generally appear on your bank statement in the month following the transfer of your refund amount to your bank.

Q: How can I get a cash refund at the airport?
A: If the store in which you made your purchases offers the cash refund option, then you can avail of a cash refund via the Premier Tax Free desk or refund agent at most international airports. Simply present your tax free voucher to the refund point with your passport and original shop receipt to receive your refund in cash.

Q: Does a service charge apply?
A: Yes there is normally a processing fee. Your refund corresponds to the full amount of VAT less a processing fee. Airport refund agents may deduct an additional local charge for cash refunds.

Q: How long are Tax Free forms valid for?
A: You must get your customs stamp on your VAT refund document within approximately 3 months following the month of purchase. For example, purchases made on the 25th of March must be exported in your personal luggage by the 30th of June.

Q: Do I have to carry all the goods bought under the scheme in my hand luggage?
A: Yes but if the goods are too large to carry on board an aircraft you may pack them in your hold baggage. If you do this, you must contact the Customs export office before you check in, in order to show the goods to customs. If you do not have the goods to present to customs for verification, they may refuse to stamp and validate you tax refund form.