The Chinese will spend $18 billion on luxury goods in 2012
40% of this spend will occur overseas
2.7m millionaires in China and growing fast
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Luxury Online Media offers digital marketing solutions to luxury marketing specialists focused on the Chinese luxury consumer. As well as providing comprehensive marketing strategies in China, Luxury Online Media publishes the Chinese language luxury website aimed at the valuable high end Chinese luxury traveller. The site was created to promote London's full luxury offering to the large and growing Chinese luxury consumer.

China is now the second largest market for luxury goods in the world. In 2011 the Chinese spend on luxury items exceeded 16 billion US dollars. Unusually however over 40% of this consumption of luxury goods occurred overseas (source :Bain & Co 2011 report) . The main reason for the huge overseas spend was the price difference between luxury goods bought in the domestic market and luxury items bought in overseas locations. At Luxury Online Media we believe London is ideally positioned to attract a large portion of this overseas spend. Luxury Online Media occupies a niche. In addition to being a China focused publisher we provide digital marketing consulting and the tactical services that are unique to the luxury marketing space. We help UK luxury companies figure out how to use the Internet as a marketing channel to target the vast and rapidly growing Chinese luxury consumer using online advertising, social media, or search engine marketing. The emergence of new and ever-innovative online marketing platforms has resulted in a fragmented digital marketplace that is increasingly more difficult for brands to understand- especially where China is concerned. Luxury Online Media helps luxury companies to navigate these challenges.

Luxury focused web marketing strategy is emerging but is still nascient in China. This is partly because of language constraints and the fact that China's main digital media platforms like the search engine ,Baidu and the social media platforms are less familiar to western luxury marketeers.

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